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1. Surely many of us who often hear about interfaith marriage couples
2. How exactly does the law relating Ind. interfaith marriage, the reality, and what masalah2 that may arise?
3. Know about the law of marriage (marriage), which applies adlh Law. 1/1974 know about Marriage (Marriage Act) and its implementing peraturan2
4. According to the Marriage Act, marriage (wedding) jk legal adlh do Browse by law masing2 religion & belief
5. Means based Marriage Law cut no marriage (marriage) unlawful religion & belief that
6. After the wedding was held Browse by religion, in order to be recognized by the state, the Marriage Act requires listed TSB wedding
7. Muslim couple’s wedding recorded in the Office of Religious Affairs (KUA)
8. Wedding couples religion other than Islam recorded in the Office of Civil Registry (KCS)
9. How about interfaith marriage partner?
10. In principle, the law of marriage in Ind morbidly specifically regulate interfaith wedding couple so there is a legal vacuum
11. Because marriage (marriage) conducted in accordance jk legitimate religion and belief, this means handing Marriage Act dr pd religious teachings masing2
12. Jd problem is religion professed o / masing2 parties do allow For interfaith marriage
13. For example, in teaching Islam to marry with her off-the undelivered laki2 Muslim (Al-Baqarah [2]: 221)
14. Another example, within Christianity interfaith marriage is prohibited (II Corinthians 6: 14-18)
15. Tp pd is still retrievable reality of having interfaith marriage in Ind
16. Professor of Civil Law Prof UI. Wahyono Darmabrata, outlines four popular ways married couples of different religions
17. 4 ways married couples of different religions: 1) request a court warrant
18. 4 ways married couples of different religions: 2) Browse by masing2 religious marriages
19. 4 ways interfaith married couples: 3) subordination while pd SLH one religion hk
20. 4 ways married couples of different religions: 4) married abroad
21. How one submission pd bride religious law may be used within interfaith marriage
22. Submission How religious law pd pd bride ever marriage between a magician DC & K pd 2005 ago
23. How to reply by DC & K adlh with subjugation while pd SLH one religious law
24. DC Catholic who married Muslim scr o / personal prince reputed leader dr P Foundation
25. Subordination within religious pd spouse, husband or wife back dpt KPD original religion
26. Jk about the husband / wife “back to the original religion” has different religious statements within ID & within a marriage certificate, that they will be ill apa2
27. Within Law no. 23/2006 as well as its implementation peraturan2, cut no ban on religious statements within marriage certificate with different ID
28. Another example, interfaith marriage performed Browse by hk masing2 religion is: am married according to religious laki2, noon-religious women
29. Browse by hk perform marriages within masing2 religion, which jd matter which one adlh marriage legal?
30. Jk interfaith couples married abroad, returned to the Ind timeout, plg least 1 yr proof of marriage registered at KCS
31. The ways couples interfaith marriage is considered as legal smuggling
32. The religious scholars and jurists in Indonesia different views about the smuggling law interfaith couples
33. Former Minister of Religion Quraish Shihab: that marriage problems couples of different religions to be returned KPD religion masing2
34. Quraish Shihab: that clear within the fabric of the wedding, hr based on equality of religion and belief in life
35. Quraish Shihab: pd hrs interfaith marriage is no guarantee religious dr masing2 husbands & wives respecting their partner’s religion
36. Quraish Shihab opinion in line with the statement Andang Binawan SJ Romo., Lecturer School of Philosophy Driyakarya
37. Andang Romo explained that the Catholic church law allows interfaith marriage
38. HK Catholic Church allow interfaith marriage for non-Catholic bride willing to promise pd subject hk Catholic marriage
39. Hk Catholic marriage: monogamous marriage & divorce morbidly life, and let her partner still embraced Catholicism
40. Party KCS DKI Jakarta: the state is not willing to accommodate morbidly interfaith marriage, tp rely hk all religions
41. KCS DKI Jakarta: interfaith marriage ban ill come but dr dr state religion
42. KCS DKI Jakarta: all cut no endorsement of religion, civil unthinkable record a marriage
43. Opinions differ about interfaith marriage never delivered on the UI faculty of Islamic law Farida Prihatini
44. Farida Prihatini confirmed that the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) prohibits interfaith marriage
45. Farida Prihatini: someone else jg ill agama2 principle allow, not only Islam
Singapore Pools
46. Farida Prihatini: all religions are morbidly allow interfaith marriages. Any parishioners who seek peluang2
47. Farida Prihatini: interfaith marriage is considered illegal, are considered morbidly no marriage, cut no inheritance
48. Farida Prihatini: interfaith marriage within krn be cut no marriage, children participate jg hk relationship with his mother
49. Farida Prihatini found that interfaith marriage adultery
50. About interfaith marriage, there is jurisprudence of the Supreme Court (MA) is No. Supreme Court. 1400 K/Pdt/1986 (Jurisprudence)
51. Jurisprudence TSB among other states when it allowed KCS For interfaith wedding
52. The case in the jurisprudence of this stems wedding dr who want to be listed Andi Vonny G. P. (Female / Islam) with Andrianus Peter (male / Christian)
53. Jurisprudence: wedding registry filings with the KCS Andi Vonny choose Islamic marriage morbidly held scr
54. Jurisprudence: Andi thereby Vonny Andrianus opt in religion, then KCS hrs establish and register marriages TSB
55. Wedding couples interfaith interchangeable bring legal problems during the marriage
56. For example, legal issues for children born out of marriage interfaith couples
57. Children who are born to Dr. interfaith wedding couple is considered a legitimate child for interfaith marriage they will be listed on KUA / KCS
58. Children who are legitimate children born in or as a result of marriage / marriage that legitimate
59. Marriage / Wedding legitimate state if listed on the KUA or KCS
60. Regarding religion dr interfaith marriage kids, parents hrs notice pd Law. 23/2002 on Child Protection
61. Law no. 23/2002: prev children dpt its choice, religion embraced children follow the religion of their parents
62. Children interchangeable jk determines the choice of religion: the child is already reasonable & responsible
63. Children interchangeable determine the choice of religion jk: qualified and appropriate procedures for choosing religion & regulations in effect
64. Because by then, as long as the child blm interchangeable determine their own religion, it depends pd agreement of both parents.
65. Another consequence of interfaith marriage is about legacy
66. Terms seseorg bs dr jd heir heir to Islam SLH sole heir adlh jg Muslim hrs
67. How jk Muslim husband and wife while anak2 irreligious Islam?
68. No Supreme Court decision. 16 K/AG/2010: non-Muslim wife who lost a husband ill termsk Muslim heirs, tp he mendpt was borrowed her husband’s estate dr
69. Similarly, children with a different religion Islam dr heir, still mendpt was borrowed
70. Was borrowed adlh testament that even morbidly made scr written / verbal, but still required that are sympathetic to the heir entitled to the legacy of Dr.

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